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Book marketing is an integral part of being an author, and it is not sufficient to just be a talented writer. As self-publishing and POD have increased, promoting has become arguably more challenging than getting a book published. However, our resource directory is an excellent starting point for authors!

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Some legends say that ANDREW R. WILLIAMS traveled to Earth from a dying world thousands of years ago to share the stories of his home planet. Others say that he is nothing more than a brain in a jar slowly using his telepathic probes to take control of the planet.

All of them were wrong......

The truth is that Andrew is a Chartered Surveyor (retired) who dreams of adventuring through the stars. Traveling through worlds filled with thrilling adventure, nightmare creatures and a pet Pterodactyl.

And now, thanks to the invention of the word processor. Andrew has managed to bring these worlds to all of us with the Fantastic Arcadia's Children series.